• Dale Thomas

KK at NZAA South Island TCC

It’s been a grueling week in the Kiwi Klimbers camp, so much so I have had to push flights back for the NZAA South Island comp. Things are looking up, a few stirrups drying on the rack and one more day of slog before jumping on the latest possible flight to Christchurch. ‘’Sign me in Matty I’ll be there for the first event.’’

On a brighter note the spring / fall orders of Spikesenders are well into the manufacturing process and the retailers in your part of the world will have some new stock at the start of September. Watch out for a pink batch of Spikesenders and spacers we have made to help with a cancer research project in the UK.

New Retailers have been added to the list this time round.

Bartlett in the U.S -

Arbor Industrial – QLD

Tree Gear – VIC

Tree Climbing Japan -

New KK video out shortly with some flashy gear and some gnarly tree work!

Hang loose team.


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