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The Spikesender2 fits: 

Distel; Alloy, CF, DMM 

Gecko; Alloy & CF

Panther; Alloy 

Raptor; Alloy (don't buy raptors they are rip offs of Distel Alloys)

Notch; Steel, Alloy & CF


Spikescender2- The original. A world first made by KK est. 2013.

This Spikesender has an optional locking button. It's up to you wether you secure the rope in place for a long ascent or not for a quick 'leg up' then pop it out without using your hands!


The KK Spikescender bolts directly to the shaft, beneath the existing gaff, and tucks well out of the way beside your heel. The use of the KK Spikescender ensures smooth management of slack, while keeping your climbing line well out of harms way when ascending SRT or MRT. Milled from aircraft grade aluminum and featuring a titanium toothed cam, the KK Spikescender runs far smoother than any of the other foot ascender brands currently on the market. Dale has lightly tensioned the Titanium cam which seems to resist the tendency to create a bight in the rope on ascent. KK Spikescender can only be used when attached to stirrups.

SS2 / Notch Steel

  • Spikesender 2. 


  • 4x stainless steel attachement cap screws. 



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